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Serperior Plush Complete by artest-pad
Serperior Plush Complete
FINALLY! 1 month and 4 days it's taken to get this monster done.
Measurement from head to tail - 11'10' I'm off by a good foot by what the pokedex said but Oh well, I'm excited! I know I've done some things wrong with the stitch work but...
Damn it!
Successful project!
Serperior plush WIP 7 by artest-pad
Serperior plush WIP 7
ALMOST FINISHED!! I'm extra excited now.
All that is left is the last foot of the tail and attaching the leafs to the tail end. I've not measured full length, but for starters that's a full size bed for scale.
And rough estimates, it's possibly 11ft long which pokedex info says a Serperior is 10'10'. So Mission accomplished there!

Notes - I apologize for it being out of focus @_@;;
Serperior plush WIP 6 by artest-pad
Serperior plush WIP 6
Happy new year guys! I failed to have this ready before 2015 but work has been keeping me busy and leaving me with no energy. Thought I'd give an update on the big guy. Have one of the yellow bands on, working on the second one slowly. After that, need to finish the tail and I'm done. Seriously I need thoughts/opinions on this guy. I've had one person suggest I open up commissions to making life sized Serperior plush dolls(possibly other pokemon as well that are not made).
Serperior plush WIP 5 by artest-pad
Serperior plush WIP 5
First off, merry christmas to all that celebrate this holiday on this day.

As you can see, I've got the tail attached and working on getting this guy finished up. Need to place the two yellow pieces on lower on the tail(not made yet), finish the tail tip with leaves and I'm done with this big guy.
Serperior plush WIP 4 by artest-pad
Serperior plush WIP 4
Technically this is #5 but for some reason the last update did not want to upload.

If you cannot tell from this image, that is part of the leaf collar. This plush will have a bit of a longer neck then most serperiors have. Have one side of the collar attached. Will need to finish the rest of it tomorrow sometime.
Things left on the plush:
- put the darker green on the backside and make the tail tip from it.
- stitch the body together
- stitch the collar to the neck
- Put the side 'leaf arm' pieces under the collar after the first bit of the body is sewn up
- Put the 3 leaves at the end
- Stuff
- Have a cookie.

Almost half way there!


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Interesting what the title says and what had just happened literally today. I busted my chin up and needed 9 stitches under my chin. How this happened was moving some furniture around for my company and as we were getting the last piece of furniture moved(a metal desk), I lost my footing and came crashing down. Chin hit the desk and so far, no major issues except the stitches and a stiff jaw. Teeth are not loose and did scrap my knee up. I apologize for anyone that is still watching me on getting art out there. I've been busy with classes and trying to find where to take my life. I apologize.


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